Self-Massage: Calves

Calves! 🦵 Let's loosen these puppies up! Hint: this feels so good after our foot video!

You can use a massage ball or foam roller to give your body some love--or heck, even try both!

Ball Massage: First come into a kneeling position, using a rolled up towel or blanket under the top of your ankle for support. Place a ball between your calf and hamstring, starting near the knee, and slowly sit back, pinning the ball down. Wiggle, or just breathe. You have control over pressure--just do what feels good! Repeat this process in segments down the length of the calf.

Bonus: This technique gives the hamstring a little love at the same time!

Foam Roll: Sitting on the ground, place a foam roller underneath one calf. For more pressure cross the opposite ankle over the leg being worked. Plant your hands and lift the hips pushing and pulling your hips forward and back to roll the whole length of the muscle.

Bonus: Change the angle of the leg being worked to access all parts and sides of the calf! If a spot feels extra sticky, just hang out with static pressure for a couple of breaths! You can even move your ankle through plantar and dorsiflexion (point and flex the foot) for a bit more!

As always, less is more! Start somewhere small and begin giving yourself some love today!

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