Self-Massage: Feet

Who has sore feet?

Here are some self-care tips to help!

Stretch 1: Find a position where you can easily reach your feet. You can sit in a chair or on the ground. Use your fingers to spread apart your toes, working the fingers close to the foot. Hold for a few breaths while gently spreading your toes. Next, start extending and flexing the ankle (still tractioning the toes apart) to stretch the bottom and top of the foot. You can also add in ankle rotations to help loosen things up.

Stretch 2: Using a yoga block or staircase, place your toes on an elevated surface with your heel on the ground. Let your foot slowly begin to relax, then gently start putting more weight into that foot if necessary to feel a stretch from your toes all the way up your calf!

Counter this stretch by curling your toes, placing the tops of your toes into the ground and gently pulling your weight back.

Massage: Use any kind of ball or even a frozen water bottle, and roll your foot back and forth--start with gentle pressure and gradually increase if appropriate. You can also pulse up and down or even just apply a static hold!

Remember to be kind to yourself! LESS IS MORE!

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