Raise your hand if you feel tight in the wrists or forearms!

Let's get those limbs limber with some gentle stretches and self-massage.

Stretch: You can play with placing your hands in different directions to lengthen the fronts and backs of your forearms. See the video for options and keep in mind, the more weight you have in your knees by leaning back towards your bum, the less intense the feeling in your forearms.

Tennis Ball Massage: Place a ball on a table, ground, or any hard surface. Apply pressure into the ball and roll back and forth. When you find sticky areas, try holding static pressure for a few deep breaths and envision that area relaxing.

Self-Massage: This is a technique called a pin and stretch. The main idea is to shorten the muscle by contracting it, then apply sustained pressure while lengthening the muscle out.

Step by Step: Make your hand into a fist, and pull it towards your elbow. Apply pressure using your opposite ulna (forearm bone on the pinky side of the arm), and then give a little extra tug by tractioning the pin even more towards your elbow. Finally, while holding that pin, start to release your fist and slowly straighten out and extend your wrist, stretching your fingers out. Repeat this in segments all the way down the forearm.

You are always in control of how much pressure is used. Have a loving attitude towards yourself, and remember: LESS IS MORE!

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