Self-Massage: Glutes

Calling all 🍑s!

Here are two super simple self-care techniques to help your buns.

Stretch: Seated Pigeon. I'm showing several variations, each with increasing intensity, so you can choose your own adventure.

Option 1: Cross one ankle over the opposite thigh; avoid putting pressure directly on the knee of your straight leg. Sit up nice and tall with your best posture! If you feel like you have some space, maybe you start to lean forward, hinging at the hips, while keeping your spine long.

Option 2: Bring this shape closer to your torso by bending the bottom leg, placing the bottom of the foot on the ground. You can brace yourself with your hands behind you to ensure good posture is maintained.

Option 3: Cradle your leg, keeping it in the pigeon shape, while slowly straightening out the bottom leg. Again, good posture here!

Massage: From Option 2, lean to the side, slowly sliding a ball underneath the softest portion of your bum. Avoid the sacrum and greater trochanter (bones!). You can stay still and focus on one area at a time, or you can move your body up and down and/or side to side with the ball underneath.

Pro Tip: While massaging, place as much weight into your hands and stabilizing foot to control the amount of pressure used! LESS IS MORE!

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