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Self-Massage: Lower Back

Anyone else feeling stiff in their lower back?

We're continuing to work posteriorly to eventually tie all of these self-massage videos together!

For this technique, you can place the balls at the top of your glutes, being sure to avoid the sacrum and lumbar spine (watch the bones). I even work this same movement with the tennis balls in multiple places, starting close to the midline and working my way out, just to be thorough.

If the pressure is too much, you can always place a towel, a blanket, or even a yoga mat over the tennis balls! Another great idea is to do this standing while leaning against the wall, giving yourself more control over pressure. Be kind and gentle with yourself!

Once you are in place, you can alternate bringing one knee in to your chest at a time. For a tad more, maybe even both knees come in. I also enjoy static pressure or just a little wiggle.

Less is more!

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