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Self-Massage: Pectoralis

Raise your hand if your posture could use some work! 🙌

Working on opening the pecs and front of the body is one of my favorite ways to help create a balanced posture. So with that in mind, I've got a self-massage technique and a stretch for you today!

To massage: place a ball under the clavicle on your chest. If you have breast tissue in the way, try placing the ball on top of a block!

Once you have the ball in position, begin making snow angel movements with your arm. Since the pectoralis major is a large muscle, try repeating this with the ball covering a different portion of the muscle (avoiding bones!).

You can also try this massage technique in a door frame if you'd like more control over pressure by repeating the same steps listed above. Allow your head and body to step into the door while pinning a ball between your chest and the wall.

To stretch: whether on the ground or standing at a door, bring your arm out to 90 degrees at the shoulder and elbow joints, slowly rolling your bodyweight over the arm if lying, or stepping forward if standing at a door.

Less is more, be kind to yourself!

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