Stretch: Heart-Opening

I think it's an appropriate time to focus on heart opening postures.

When we are stressed, guarded, defensive, and tired our posture suffers and discomfort can set in. This is a great time to cultivate stillness in the body so that we can better listen to the world around us and reflect on what's within us.

To help ease space in the body, try these two stretches. All you will need is a towel or blanket and a willingness to soften.

First Posture- Puppy Pose. I demo three options in this shape. Do what allows you the ability to breath and relax. If your body begins to tense while in this shape, it is a good sign that you've gone beyond what's appropriate.

Alignment- Stack the hips over the knees while reaching the arms out away from the body, keeping them shoulder distance apart. Begin relaxing the chest towards the ground while breathing slowly and deeply.

Second Posture- Supported Fish Pose. This is hands down my restorative pose. In restorative postures our only objective is to relax and breathe. So we aren't chasing any deep sensations! Easy peasy, right?

Alignment- Rolled up towel or blanket is placed on the bottom of the scapula so that the mid to upper back is targeted. You want to feel your shoulders rest on the ground without the lumbar spine arching aggressively. I like to keep my knees bent and feet on the ground. You could also do this with your legs propped up on a couch or up a wall!


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